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The Evil Bedtime Stories are spicy, that is for sure. Not everybody likes the same spices, so to help you pick a story that fits your interests, here is a collection of key words to make sure we are all on the same page.

Our hero gets addicted. He can stop at any time! Tomorrow, maybe. Yeah, definitely tomorrow.

Something that looks like a nice human sexual partner, but really isn't human at all. It does not mean bug-eyed or x-files type little grey men, because that stuff doesn't interest me.

Anal sex
Remember when Mum and Dad took you aside to tell you about the birds and the bees? There was something they neglected to mention.

Body Horror
Horrible, degrading, yucky biological stuff happening to your body. You have been warned.

This story contains controversial issues. Wait! You say; Addicting Alien Body horror doesn't count as controversial? I suppose it does, but what this keyword means is that if you are the sort who dislikes political, social or cultural controversy in your escapist fiction, then this story might not be for you. I'm guessing you are just fine with sex & violence.

Means that in this story our hero meets his match. A lot more than his match. What, you were thinking about whips, spiked leather corsets and nazi armbands? Let's leave that for Teenage Comedy Hour.

Femme Fatale
A beautiful, fascinating woman. Only, men around her seem to drop like flies, particularly her husbands after they have willed her their fortune. She takes it in stride, though.

To fixate is to have ones entire attention locked on one body part. Making it hard to be careful. Making it hard not to drool.

A "Furry" is some sort of cross between a human and an animal. It need not actually be furry; it might, for example, be a slick and shiny serpent lady with poisonous teeth and hypnotic eyes...

Some men are interested in women larger than themselves. Maybe it's because of the giant breasts? The huge lips that can kiss your entire face? The legs that go on forever? It's really hard to explain. Note that I don't use giantess in the traditional sense of a Godzilla sized woman. Not that there is anyyyything wrong with that.

Healthy, normal relationship
Not in the vocabulary. Sorry!

The main character ends up looking or feeling ridiculous, and a woman, shemale, alien or snake goddess, gets a good laugh on his behalf.

Pompous buffoons and absurd situations about.

The process of putting our hapless hero in a trance, leaving him open to the introduction of thoughts, ideas and modes of behaviours.

Means that the story contains sexual partners with large, hard muscles; broad shoulders, smooth round biceps, abdominals of amazing endurance... where was I? Oh yes! The definition of keywords. Right.

Power Transfer
So, the villainess is firmly in the saddle. What will she do? Why, hand the reins to another villainess, so she can go and have a cup of coffee, and come back later, refreshed.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women are sexy. The end. Next entry.

This story is, if not likely, then at least conceivable. So, the hero has to actually pay for his bus fare. And no Serpent Goddesses.

The story has one or more science fiction elements or environments. You will not find any mind control rays or psionic powers here, because if the villainess had that stuff, the story would be over in two lines. Also, if science fiction means old school Star Trek to you, you might be disappointed, as these stories are pretty grounded.

The methodical sexual enticement of our main character into doing or accepting something he really, really shouldn't do or accept.

In this story the hero gets lucky. Or so it seems at the time.

Sort of the best of both worlds. Or the worst, as you might discover when it's too late.

Some men like to look at women in sweaters. How to convey this? Imagine a beautiful, elegant woman, unattainable and far beyond you. Yet you see her every day. Imagine her wearing a thick, soft sweater; a high turtleneck wrapped around the full length of her slender neck. It's a warm sweater; she does not always have to wear anything underneath. The soft sweater touches her bare skin, absorbs her smell. Sweaters are washed rarely. Now imagine her taking the sweater off, leaving it there on the table before you. She walks out. You are alone with her still warm sweater. You might want to reach out and touch it, maybe smell it... It's like that, only worse.

One or more violent acts happen in the story, like a murder or something similarly dramatic.