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Welcome to Evil Bedtime Stories, Home of the
Eye Sirens.

I am the e-book author August Renfelt, and this is my web page.

This site presents my short stories to the best of my ability
and points you in the direction where the stories can be bought,
be it on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, iBooks or elsewhere.

You should be warned, however.
These are not stories for kids.
A quick view of my Keywords should tell you
if the subjects I deal with have your interest.

What say the critics?

"A little beyond strange, maybe a lot beyond."
Ernest Winchester.

"...The brainwashing is hard-edged, but wonderfully erotic. If I have a complaint about it, it's that it's too short..."
Pug Ugly on Needles.

Should you have further question, or comments, please contact me at